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Sooo, who has seen Sachiko's Land Housing stuff?

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I just met with her at the start of this week at a place near my dorm and she told me that she now has total control of her own department for finding housing for foreigners in Japan. She's taking this quite serious obviously, and I've been trying to help her out any way I can.

I've been able to get her the support of the student government at Todai as well as posted some adds around, but anyone else in Tokyo or nearby have a few places that you might be able to help her out with some advertising?

A few other things I plan to do personally are after she gets her English website up, link her page from the Alumni page directly, as well as put up a video from her site on the site as well. I'm also looking into a few other study abroad program departments to make some connections as well.

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I think it is great that she has been able to find work that is in line with, well, exactly what she wanted to do. Actually, Nick and I got in touch with her recently when we were trying to find a new apartment here in our city. Unfortunately her company does not have a database for our prefecture, so right now they are just mainly based in Tokyo area. I did help her out with some proofreading of scripts and advertising. The brochure looks good and I hope they will have good business. I hear the housing market is generally a little rough right now due to economy, so most people cannot afford to rent apartments.

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