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Soooo, let's help Cesar and maybe others.

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1Soooo, let's help Cesar and maybe others. Empty Soooo, let's help Cesar and maybe others. on Tue Jun 15, 2010 2:26 pm

Right now Cesar should be landing in Narita or at least soon. He'll be doing the Coop internship that Chris, HotRodd, and others seem to continually ace, upping J-Club's rep like crazy.

It seems that each year this goes down, and while I never took part in this, it sounds like a really awesome internship and I remember meeting Chris and Masuyama-sensei when Chris was on this internship.

It got me to thinking, we have things for advice for JET, Grad School, even jobs, but what about programs like this internship?

I don't think Rod has the link to this site, but I was thinking advice, or at least general thoughts on such programs might be helpful. Any other internship programs anyone knows of and what they involve?

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