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Recommended movies and dramas for learning in only Japanese? (By level)

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Hey guys, just finished failing miserably keeping up with Ponpoko a Ghibili movie. I couldn't understand even 20% of what was said it felt like, yet other movies I'm ok with sometimes. The same goes with shows.

It got me wondering, have any of you got any recommendations for movies or dramas in general for learning Japanese and practice? I'm not talking about English subtitles, I'm talking PURE Japanese, with Japanese subtitles if they are included (preferably of course).

I'd say it would be best to probably separate the levels into easy, intermediate, and hard.

Ponpoko... Hard! Same goes with Nausica. However, I did understand a good deal of Ponyo, which I would rate intermediate.

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Ponpoko is a weiiiiiird movie haha.

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